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Category: Ajax Form Scripts /  Good Looking Ajax Form Web Forms

Good looking Ajax form Web forms

Everybody knows web forms. Each day we have to fill in some information in a web form, be it a simple login to your webmail application, an online purchase or signing up for a website. They are the basic (and pretty much the only) way of gathering information on the web.

You basically know a web form when you see one as they always look the same and they’ve kept this look over the years.

Try as hard as you might but web forms can only change their appearance so much.

Some may argue that this is a good usability feature and I tend to agree but there comes a time when you just need to style web forms so they look different.

How do you do that? How to transform something that looks like this:

Regular web forms

into this:

Niceforms sample

Have fun with this method, explore it some more and please let me know in case of a breakthrough. As always, your feedback is greatly appreciated.

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