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Category: Ajax Search Scripts /  Auto Suggest Menu Box Ajax

Auto Suggest Menu Box with ajax

Start typing the city in the following text box.As you type, you will see the auto complete menu list suggested cities. When you click 'submit', the value in control will be validated. Then, the internal value associated with the selected suggestion will be displayed.

Improvements over AutoSuggestBox

  • AutoSuggestMenu control is now separated from TextBox control. It associates itself to TextBox using TargetControlID property.
  • Client-side javascript has been re-written. All html rendering is not happening on client side to free up the server.
  • Microsoft Ajax extensions and JSON are used to transfer the data. There should be a noticable difference in speed.
  • There are now navigational controls to page through suggestions. See example on the right - when there are more then 10 suggestions.
  • Added event for client-side onTextBoxChange which allows developer to perform an action when user selects menu item into text box.
  • Fully tested inside UpdatePanel and with absolute positioning.




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