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Category: Ajax RSS Scripts /  AJAX RSS Ticker


This ticker can show rotating news loaded from an RSS feed using AJAX technology. The main advantage is that users do not have to wait until feed is loaded and also connection errors to the RSS feed are handled smoothly with no effect on the whole page.



  • AJAX technology - the data is loaded via AJAX HTTPRequest object from a server-side PHP script that fetches RSS news from an RSS feed
  • permanent rotation - news are rotated continuously at custom frequency. Optionally, rotation can stop when mouse is over
  • customizable skin - size, fonts, colors and all style is set from CSS
  • multiple instances - more instances of the ticker can be showed in the same page
  • multiple RSS feeds - the script can join multiple RSS feeds and show all the news from any number of feeds
  • customizable description length - you can set maximum length in characters for the description


  • on server side: PHP with allow_url_fopen setting enabled
  • on client side: JavaScript and CSS


So far this script has been tested on the following browsers:

  • Internet Explorer v7.0, v6.0
  • Firefox

  • License Type: Commercial



Script Page :

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