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Category: Ajax DHTML /  DhtmlxGrid Editable Ajax Grid

dhtmlxGrid Editable Ajax Grid

 is a Ajax-enabled JavaScript grid control that provides professional solution for representing and editing tabular data on the web. Carefully designed, with powerful

,script API, this editable DHTML grid is easy configurable with XML or js methods and shows convincing results working with large amounts of data.

dhtmlxGrid allows easy implementation of nice looking (managed through css or predefined skins) DHTML tables with rich in-cell editing, fixed multiline headers/footers, resizable, sortable and draggable columns. Numerous event handlers let you add necessary interactivity to grid-based interfaces. Smart Rendering technology and built-in paginal output allow this data grid to work effectively with huge datasets.

Cross-browser JavaScript grid control for displaying and editing tabular data in DHTML-based tables. Comprehensive features include AJAX support, column sorting and resizing, multiple in-cell editors, paging support, multiline headers and more... The Standard Edition is available under GPL.


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Author: Ivan Petrenko

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