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Category: Ajax Net.Asp /  Ajaxed: Calling Server Side VBScript Procedures From Client Side Equivalent To PHP Xajax

Class AjaxedPage

Represents a page which Provides the functionality to call server-side ASP procedures directly from client-side. When using the class be...

sure the draw() method is the first which is called before any response has been done. init(), main() and callback() need to be implemented within the page.

init() is always called first and allows preperation before any content is written to the response e.g. security checks and stuff which is necessary for main() and callback() should be placed into the init(). After the init whether main() or callback() is called.

They are never called both within one page execution. main() = common state for the page which shows the user's presentation callback() = handles all client requests callback() needs to be defined with an parameter which holds the actual action to perform.

so the signature should be sub callback(action) - REFER TO demo.asp FOR A SAMPLE USAGE. - Requires Prototype JavaScript library (available at


Version: 0.1
Author: Michal Gabrukiewicz - gabru at on 2007-06-28 20:32
Last modified: 01.07.2007 21:20:46
Path: /ajaxed/ajaxedPage.asp
Demo: /ajaxed/demo/      - demo 2        -- Download : Ajaxad:Page

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