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Category: Ajax DHTML /  Ajax Pagination Links Demo Example

Ajax Pagination script Ajax Pagination links - ,This script lets you draw content from multiple pages and display them on demand, using Ajax.

  • The pagination interface for each Ajax Pagination instance is "free floating", meaning it can be positioned anywhere on the page and repeated multiple times as well.
  • Each page within the paginated content is fetched individually and only when requested for sake of efficiency.
  • The settings for each Ajax Pagination instance is stored neatly in a variable object for ease of portability. This variable can be manually defined or easily dynamically written out based on information returned from the sever, such as via PHP/ MySQL.
  • The entire paginated content can be refreshed with new data on demand, with the pagination links updated automatically as well.

This script is ideal for showing multi-page content such as "user comments" without reloading the rest of the page each time a comment page is requested.



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