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Category: Ajax Form Scripts /  AJAX User Registration Validator Script

AJAX User Registration

AJAX stands for Asynchronous JavaScript And XMLThe user-interface that is provided by this script makes it easier for the user to get feedback from the server before submiting the form. This form is very professional looking, but will require some basic PHP knowledge

to truly incorporate it into your site. It works great and will truly add to the professionality of any site, but may require some time to set it up.

The included setup script will allow the user to "hook" the form to your MySQL database that contains the user list inorder to add that user. Currently, the form only asks for username, password, and email address.

It might need to be configured to fit your personal requirements. The script is an intermediate level script.


  • Instant feedback from the server
  • Sleek user-interface
  • Easy to use setup script

Screen Shots:

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