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Category: Ajax FrameWorks /  Ajax Tabs Content Script

Ajax Tabs Content Script

This is a versatile Ajax Tabs Content script that lets you display content pulled from external files inside a DIV and organized via CSS tabs. A fully unobtrusive, CSS and HTML based script,

it supports practical features such as persistence of the active tab (ie: when page is reloaded), an "IFRAME" mode, a "slideshow" mode, ability to expand/contract arbitrary DIVs on the page at the same time, nested tabs, and much more. We got our inspiration for this script from Yahoo's homepage, which employs such a concept to show news in an organized fashion.

Here's a quick outline of the script features:

  • Fetch and display an external page (from the same domain) inside a container when a tab is clicked on via Ajax.
  • (v 2.0) Apart from Ajax, an external page can also be fetched and displayed via the IFRAME element instead. This is useful for external pages that either contain JavaScript/ CSS code that doesn't run properly when fetched via Ajax, or the page is from an outside domain.
  • Add a "default" content inside the container to either be shown while no tabs are selected, or to be associated with a specific tab. The default content is added inline on the page and not fetched via Ajax, to avoid unnecessary fetching of external pages.
  • Supports session only persistence, so the last tab user clicked on is remembered if he/she returns to the page within the same browser session.
  • (v 2.0) Supports auto mode, in which script automatically cycles through and selects each tab periodically until a tab is explicitly selected.
  • (v 2.0) Ability to also expand/contract arbitrary DIVs on the page as the tabbed content is expanded/ contracted.
  • (v 2.0) Ability to dynamically select a tab either based on its position within its peers, or its ID attribute.
  • (v 2.0) Ability to directly load a different external page into the content container, either via Ajax or IFRAME.
  • (v 2.0) Ability to set where the CSS class "selected" get assigned when a tab is clicked on- either on the tab link itself (its "a" element), or its parent instead (ie: "li" element). This makes the script adaptable to both CSS Tabs that are styled at the "A" level itself, or its parent container instead.
  • (v 2.0) Supports nested Ajax Tabs! In other words, you can have an external page fetched via Ajax contain in itself Ajax Tabs that show their own contents when clicked on as well. This is made possible using the "onajaxpageload" custom event handler (see documentation).
  • Supports multiple Ajax Tabs Contents on the same page.
  • Fully unobtrusive, search engine friendly design. For search engines or browsers with JavaScript disabled, the external contents will just load as actual pages (instead of via Ajax).

As you can see, this Ajax Tabs Content script was designed to be much more than look pretty, but usable.


Author: Dynamic Drive

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