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Category: Ajax Net.Asp /  Ajax Newsletter Subscription

A simple newsletter sign-up form using Active Server Pages

(ASP), Ajax and the Prototype JavaScript framework. A visitor comes to your web site and wants to subscribe to your newsletter.

An ajax-based newsletter sign-up form in ASP using the prototype javascript framework.
User enters name and email, validation is done and he is added to the database all without refreshing the current page.
Use it to collect subscriber emails at your site and build a mailing list. Code is free to download and use. Works with all modern browsers.
A unique example built in ASP, JavaScript and Ajax. Simple coding with comments so users can easily adapt it.
Can also be used with PHP/mySQL by making some simple changes in one page.
He enters his name and email and clicks "Sign up". A check is being done if the email exists already and if not it is added. This is happening without refreshing the current page (Ajax).
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sign-up form
sign-up form
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