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Category: Ajax Forum Scripts /  Orca Interactive Ajax Forum Script

Web 2.0 with 100% AJAX forum software


In the world of accelerating technologies you don't want archaic forum software. You want something new, fresh, classy, stylish and sexy - just like Orca.

Orca introduces a new approach to building online discussion boards. The main focus in Orca is given to self-moderation - it provides tools to build a community without -moderators or administrators. It gives true freedom.
ajax forum orca

AJAX done right. WOW!

Everyone wants an AJAX-powered forum, but it used to be impossible to have one. BoonEx managed to overcome AJAX-related flaws in terms of programming and usability.

Orca is an AJAX forum without AJAX problems. The "Back" button does work, book-marks do work, permalinks do work and yes, it is SEARCH-ENGINE-FRIENDLY.

Advanced technologies with proven results

Although Orca Interactive Forum Script is so much a "script for tomorrow" it already proved to be stable and effective. We use it ourselves and it powers a community of webmasters with over 20,000 real members. It works like a breeze.
Demo of orca forum script
Download orca ajax forum script

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