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Category: Ajax WP Plugins /  PhotoXhibit


provides an interface to set up gallery widgets using Picasa / Flickr / SmugMug / Wordpress Uploads and jQuery

There are some admin styles issues that are being worked on and issues with the "Locally" option of the gallery that relate to Wordpress 2.5. I hope to have these adjustments very soon.

PhotoXhibit, formally Benjamin Sterling Galleries, was born out of the fires of so many not-so-great gallery/image manager plugins for WordPress.

This plugin uses photos from your Flickr, Picasa, and/or SmugMug accounts as well as allows you to upload and build Albums to help you build inviting Photo Galleries on and through out your site.


  • Independent gallery creator for post, pages, and sidebar
  • The ability to create a gallery based of some of the most popular JavaScript based gallery plugins
  • Ability to customize each gallery's appearance with a styles editor
  • Ability to grab your photos from Flickr, Picasa, and/or SmugMug
  • An easy to use interface for adding photos directly to a post or page from Flickr and SmugMug (Picasa and Albums coming soon)
  • Easily create and upload Albums with a single thumbnail or two different size thumbnails
  • Easily turn features on and off via the options tab

The following list of jQuery plugins are used in PhotoXhibit to help you build out your galleries:

After you have had a chance to use this plugin, please come back and rate it and leave comments for improving it

Full support will be handled at the PhotoXhibit website

PLEASE NOTE ! This Album/Gallery plugin is still in development and may still contain many bugs, please report any and all that you find !

Hit: 3383.

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