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Category: Ajax Flash Scripts /  Ajax SWF Upload Plug

XAJAX SWFupload Plugin 0.2

You can easily convert your existing input fields into swf upload fields...


2008-04-11 vers 0.2.1
  • fixed bug were response was not processed in IE
2008-04-10 vers 0.2
  • changed base class to xajaxResponsePlugin
  • added response function to transform forms-fields via xajax
  • added destroy function to unload swf movie and containers
  • added response functions for destroying fields-forms
  • added callback events
  • added config parameter multiple
  • added compressed JS files
  • fixed bug in upload rate
  • fixed bug where xajax request wasnot send when queue was empty
2008-04-07 vers 0.1
  • first release

supported configurations

  • PHP 5.x
  • any webserver
  • Flash 9
  • Xajax 0.5

DEMO, Download XAJAX SWFupload Plugin 0.2

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