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Category: Ajax Miscellaneous /  Accordion V2.0

Accordion v2.0

a Horizontal Accordion! (Nested), a Vertical Nested Accordion!

accordion menu

What is new in v2.0?

Well i listened to all you guys out there in my forum and my blog and now all those wishes have been granted!

  • Open/Close functionality added (Click on an active accordion).
  • Nested Vertical Accordions
  • Accordions will dynamically resize on content added REAL TIME!
  • ...lots of bug fixes!
v2 accordion

Uhm... There wasn0t one, well not a good one.

Haha! Like there was one. Well there was, but only for Rico and a bloated one by mootools, that is right I said bloated, live with it. For some reason there wasn0t one for scriptaculous but now there is. The why is pretty simple, just like every other library, I had a need for it. Hope you can get some use out of it.

Oh, by the way, not only does this script handle vertical accordions, but horizontal as well!

Demos of Accordion Menus

Download Accordion menus codes

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