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Category: Ajax RSS Scripts /  Hosted Rss Ticker (Gajax)

gAjax RSS Ticker is a flexible RSS ticker

that,s extremely easy to set up to boot. Using the gAjax RSS Displayer script engine, there,s nothing to install or host on your server.

Furthermore, you can display results from multiple feeds intermixed, sort them in a variety of ways, specify how many entries to show at once, what portion of each entry to show etc.

Here,s a summary of the features of this script:

    * Uses the gAjax RSS Displayer engine and Google Ajax Feed API to host/cache the desired RSS feeds, so you don,t have to install or host anything on your own server.

    * Specify multiple RSS feeds to display, with the results intermixed.

    * Sort the results either by "date", "title", or a custom "label" assigned to each feed (ie: "Digg" then "Slashdot").

    * Set the number of total RSS entries to show. If multiple feeds are specified, that number is spread out evenly amongst the feeds.

    * Set the number of RSS entries to show at once (default is 1).

    * Specify which portions of each RSS entry to show, such as its "label", "date", "description", "snippet" and more.

    * Supports multiple gAjax RSS ticker instances on the same page.

Author: Dynamic Drive

Demo: gAjax RSS ticker

Hit: 6411.

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