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Category: Ajax Joomla Scripts /  Blast Chat Client Utilizing Chat Service, Providing Chat Functionality

Blast Chat

Latest version 2.2 released on 25th September 2006...



This component is a client utilizing chat service, providing chat functionality for your web server. Tested using FireFox 1.0.7, IE 6.x, IE 7 beta, Opera 8.x, Opera 9.x, Mozilla 1.7.12, Netscape 8.1, if you experience visual problems using these browsers it is most probably caused by your template's CSS definitions. Preview available at

Here are some responses to reviews (please, explore all configuration options before you write review that is based on them):

1. You can disable global features completely
2. You can set blastchat to use your own CSS, which will visually change all colors and fonts according to your template's CSS definitions
3. You can disable access for guests
4. We do not ask for a link to our site, we ask for visible link and public access to BlastChat component on your site
5. One can not compare IRC based chat with AJAX based (read more about how AJAX works to understand why there is "delay"), lag can be caused by user having slow internet connection as well
6. Not sure what games version for UDP servers should work like
7. 10 seconds refresh is a very reasonable time (we will be experimenting to see if 6-8 sec refresh will be more suitable)
8. It works on Joomla as well as on Mambo and is fully integrated
9. There is absolutely no need for your members to create new account at all
10. Chat is not persistant, you can set room configuration to not display old messages to chatter who enters room
11. Pressing "enter" sends message, same as clicking "send" button
12. Your site member's usernames are UNIQUE (only guests are checked against global usernames)
13. There will be option for customers to disable banners (it is working progress under testing)

Demo: Demo
Download: Download

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