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  Ajax Miscellaneous / Basic AJAX Examples

Basic 7 AJAX Examples

there are 7 Basic AJAX Examples .....the possibilities of using AJAX & XMLHTTPRequest techniques in web applications. ... ideally suited for building Rich Internet Applications us...

  Ajax Form Scripts / Advanced Auto Suggest

Advanced Auto Suggest (Live Suggest) - Standard Version 1.1.x

Our auto suggest using javascript ajax, is a complete, real-time contextual auto..


can be used to display websites, images and other content in a beautiful way. A pop-up window that doesn't suck.

  Ajax File Listing / Dynamically Loaded Articles

Dynamically loaded articles

This is a basic example showing you how to use AJAX. In this script, .....

  Ajax File Management / Get Post Basic Ajax Routine
get & post Basic Ajax Routine
Regardless of what you do using Ajax, they all rely on the same basic functions. This is a very small Ajax routine (less than 3 Kb) that enables you to easily use Ajax on your site to send "GET" or "POST"
Advanced mailer using AJAX for WordPress blogs
This plugin provides an advanced subscription management system for WordPress blogs. Visitors can subscribe and unsubscribe through a web-based form. They also....

The Google AJAX APIs

Mark Lucovsky, The Google AJAX APIs let you implement rich, dynamic features on your existing web sites entirely in JavaScript and HTML. Using this family of APIs you can add a map to your site, include dynamic search controls,

  Ajax Search Scripts / Auto Suggest Menu Box Ajax
Auto Suggest Menu Box with ajax
Start typing the city in the following text box.As you type, you will see the auto complete menu list suggested cities. When you click 'submit', the value in control will be validated. Then, the internal value associated with the selected suggestion will be displayed.

  Ajax Blog Scripts / Blom The Blog Messenger
Blom The blog messenger
Blomers Directory Keep the contact with your visitors Enter a new community of bloggers Promote your blog with your RSS Online and Offline Messenger.....
  Ajax WP Plugins / WP Multilingual

WP Multilingual

is extension that brings WordPress multilingual support. With it's help you can publish more that in one language at a time. Its easy, cheap and simple way to use multilingual advantages of blogging.