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  Ajax Miscellaneous / A Free AJAX Guestbook JibberBook
A Free AJAX Guestbook JibberBook
This guestbook features Gracefully degradable AJAX and Subtle visual effects.
Speech recognition with ajax
the final year project of Bhasker V K ,Prakash Hariharan and Manikandan T ,of SVCE demoing our project that explores the implementation of speech ..
  Ajax Rating Scripts / AJAX Star Rating Bar
AJAX Star Rating Bar
This is a rating bar script done with PHP and mySQL that allows users to rate things like can be done on Netflix or Amazon, all web 2.0-like with no...
Using Ajax Agent and PHP for Auto Complete
In this HOWTO I will explain how to use AjaxAgent and PHP to create an Ajax Auto-Complete box with a drill-down list of data. The UI is very simple. It consis...
SWF Upload files using flash and javascript
A small javascript/flash library to get the best of both worlds - The great upload capabilitys of flash and the accessibility and ease of html/css

AJAX Grid View Filtering Demo

Creating an AJAX data grid with user-friendly and interactive search, sorting and filtering capabilities is just a matter of a few minutes if you're using Ajaxium. See the Quick Filter - AJAX tutorial for .NET developers for details.

pageMash page Management
Customise the order your pages are listed in and manage the parent structure with this simple Ajax drag-and-drop administrative.....
A couple of weeks ago, I stumbled upon a software package called Remote Buddy which allows you to use your Apple Remote to do all sorts of clever things with your Intel Mac. Included in the package is a very clever piece of software which is basically a fully featured Ajax web server that allows you full control over iTunes from a browser.
jQuery ile 5 Dakikada Ajax
Bu video'da jQuery'i kullanarak kullanıcının girdiği herhangi bir string için o string'in md5 ile şifrelenmiş halini geri döndüren başlangıç seviyesinde bir uygulamanın adım adım nasıl gerçekleştirilebileceğini anlattım.
Javascript Image Lazy Loader for Prototype lazierLoad
is Bramus! his take at writing a delayed javascript image loader for use with PrototypeJS.