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  Ajax File Management / JQuery Spy Upgraded

jQuery Spy Upgraded

Following many requests, I have upgraded the jQuery spy code to support multiple items returned from the AJAX custom timestamp functions - so that requests can be completely tailored


Online Ajax Stripe Generator

Tired of pixel-by-pixel painting, trying to create seamless stripes textures? Enjoy using stripe generator!

  Ajax Chat Scripts / Most Simple Ajax Chat Ever

Most Simple Ajax Chat Ever

we have 2 files - index.html and w.php index.html reads the content and sends your message to w.php

  Ajax File Listing / Dynamically Loaded Articles

Dynamically loaded articles

This is a basic example showing you how to use AJAX. In this script, .....

  Ajax FrameWorks / Ajax AJASON

AJASON is a PHP 5 library and JavaScript client for the Web technology called AJAX. AJAX permits data to be fetched asynchronously .................

  Ajax File Management / PHP Ajax File Browser

PHP Ajax File Browser

 As the new buzz technology is developing, I realised I had no real evidence that I infact know how to use it.

  Ajax Chat Scripts / SmileTAG 2.4 AJAX Powered Chat
SmileTAG 2.4 AJAX powered Chat

Smiletag is an interactive, easy to use, mini-message board with powerful template system. Some of the main features of smiletag are a Powerful

How I killed defunct processes with simple codes

  Ajax Miscellaneous / Ajax Tooltip

Ajax tooltip

A nice tooltip script where the content of the tooltip is retrieved by Ajax from external files.

dhtmlxGrid Editable Ajax Grid
 is a Ajax-enabled JavaScript grid control that provides professional solution for representing and editing tabular data on the web. Carefully designed, with powerful