The immense information generated online has been a source of concern to experts and individuals interested in data analysis. Social media users create an impressive amount of data that can be stored, accessed, and made for good use. The question on individual lips, is what exactly can this huge data be used for? Today’s post will talk about Big Data, its features and the usefulness of big data education.

An Overview of Big Data Its Features

Big Data is concerned with the vast quantity of data that trickles in daily. This huge data comes from various sources with a great percentage from social media users. The contention with this big data is how it can be saved, accessed, and used appropriately. Several innovative technological software like Hadoop has been launched to help harness and manage this huge torrent of data. Big Data, however, has some features which include:


The huge size of Big Data is what separates it from small data. Every day massive data that are uncontrollable are pushed out.


There are several sets of data which are structured, semi, and non-structured. Earlier technological tools have tried to capture this variety of technology and its ever-changing form has made this difficult.


Big Data comes at a very fast speed which makes storing it very complicated. Unlike little data, it is generated in such a way that it is unmatched. Two main categories of Big Data velocity are generation velocity and storing velocity.


Despite the volume and speed of data, the true value of big data is important. There are trillions of data, but what is their usefulness? Are they genuine or just occupying space? There are excellent data mining tools that could be used to know the true worth of big data.

The Usefulness of Big Data

Many firms utilize Big Data for a plethora of functions.

Tracking Functions

Big data is used by most transport firms like DHL and UPS to monitor packages in real-time. Also, airlines use this data to track flights and know how far or near they are to their destination.

Medical Advantages

Big Data has helped hospitals to provide monitoring systems for intensive care patients who need to be on surveillance all the time. Data science and analysts help medical officers in surveillance functions without direct human monitoring.

Scam Prevention and Data Theft

The increase in online fraud necessitated the invention of encryption tools that detect fraud. Big Data lets you notice when a change occurs in your online account. Big Data studies patterns and whenever there is a slight difference, it notifies you instantly.

Entertainment and Social Media

Big data is also used by top entertainment firms and social media platforms to target customers. Top firms that use these are Netflix and YouTube. If you are an avid video streamer, you get notifications from YouTube. Those who watch lots of movies online will get many ads from Netflix.

Big Data Education and Why It Is Important to Learn

Big data education is one of the most sort-after courses in the world at this time. The world is experiencing a huge generation of data daily which can be used positively. You can get excellent Big Data education from Le Wagon worldwide coding school. This school offers good courses like cloud migration, SQL, Data mining, Multiparadigm Data science, and Big Data on Amazon web services. They give out these courses both on campus and remotely. You can visit them at to learn more.

Better Job Opportunities

Getting a good Big Data education can get you a top job at Yahoo, Amazon, and Twitter. These companies are looking for qualified big data experts for employment.

Better Salary Negotiations

With Big Data certifications, you can get a better wage structure at your place of work. This is because this certification has placed you ahead of your peers and your boss will recognize this.

Improves Cognitive Skills

Big data education allows you to have a better understanding of how things work and how real-time analysis is done. This will improve your personal development and thinking faculty.

This post has talked about Big Data, its features and how crucial big data education is for all.