The most amazing feeling after buying a new PC is the speed of the PC. As the PC is still new and clean, everything runs smoothly, and you do not encounter any bug or lag. But regrettably, after some months as the PC is loaded with tons of files, you noticed a slow down despite having an excellent PC. 

Beneath are some tips on how to speed up your PC

Program running in the background
When launching a program, it uses part of the RAM. As soon as a PC is on there exist some programs which auto start and run in the backgrounds. You tend to forget about these programs. Very often, we do not even use these programs. One method to close them is to verify the system which is located on the bottom right side of the taskbar.

Update your PC regularly
Whenever you are prompted with updates for your windows, software or drivers, do not disregard them. You may think that you like your system like it is and does not need the upgrades. Or you do not have time to perform the upgrades. But you must imperatively execute the updates if you want a better PC. Along with new features, the enhancements increase the performance of your PC. This is important for your security, as well.

Disk Defragmentation
With time the files stored on your PC breaks down in different parts and stored in various places. Then when opening a particular file, the system needs to assemble the other parts. This process makes the PC slow down. Performing disk defragmentation will combine all the different fragments of the files and ameliorate your PC performance.

As noted above, buying more upgrades is not the only solution to speed up your PC. Thankfully there are many ways of how to speed up your PC while also keeping it in good health.